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Dyson Consulting Group is a leading specialist consultancy in human services and disability insurance schemes across Australia and New Zealand. Since the 1980s, Dyson Consulting Group has been delivering results to government, community sector organisations and in disability insurance. DCG has a proven track record in delivering high quality, robust, and innovative projects and is highly regarded for its ability to build genuine and productive relationships with stakeholders including government, service providers, individuals and service users.

Our consultants have extensive experience working in and consulting to the disability sector, the mental health sector, housing services, special education, child and youth services and clients in the justice system.

What's New

Assessment Tools Survey

Individuals and organisations that have an interest in assessment tools and processes are invited to provide information about instruments they believe may be worthy of investigation. Please click on the title above to be redirected to take part in the survey.

Disability Advisory Group

Dyson Consulting Group's Disability Advisory Group are long term colleagues and associates of Dr Maree Dyson. They provide individual and group advice, and review services to DCG that is based on their lived experience of disability and their social and professional backgrounds.

Feedback from NDIS Readiness Workshops

Dyson Consulting Group has held NDIS Readiness Workshops in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Please click on the link to read more about feedback from our workshops.

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Where we operate

Map of Australia and New Zealand Australia and New Zealand. Contact us for services that we can provide to you.

Preparing for the NDIS

Need support to prepare for the NDIS? Talk to us about harnessing our expertise in disability insurance and individualised funding ...

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Changing policy or programs? Reviewing your organisation's governance structures? Redeveloping client resources? Talk to us about working with contemporary practice in disability and mental health in times of change.

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Disability Insurance Expertise 

Dyson Consulting Group is a leading specialist consultancy in human services and disability insurance schemes across Australia and New Zealand. Our consulting team has over 50 years combined experience... 

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Support Funding Profiles

Is your current funding well aligned with your clients' support needs? How will the NDIS impact on your delivery of shared supported accomodation?  Talk to us about preparing for individualised funding in supported accomodation ...

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